What you need to make a snowman face cookie

We have put together a list of what you need and a quick video on how to make this snowman face cookie (biscuit) so you can make it at home in the holidays.  Click on the items highlighted on the list and follow the link to the products that we stock to help you recreate him.
I absolutely love this baby blue colour from Rolkem, we do not stock any Rolkem colours as yet but they are available at most baking shops.  Rolkem are powdered colours, so I would recommend mixing the powder in a little water before stirring it into your royal icing, otherwise your icing may speckle.
If you have any trouble with your cookie dough, follow this link we have put together just for you ‘Getting the perfect biscuit base’ 

What you’ll need to create this cute snowman face for Christmas this year

Biscuit Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe
Actiwhite Powder
Rolling pin guides
Snowman face cutter
Large snowman face stencil
Circle block out stencils
Stencil Buddy
Scribe needle
Tipless Bags
Fondant holly
Crush (dried royal icing)
Rolkem blush
Paint brush
Scraper (for stencilling)

Icing consistencies & colours
Black flooding icing      Cake Flora Super Black gel
Blue flooding icing        Rolkem baby blue
White flooding icing     Cake Flora Bright white gel
Orange piping icing      Cake Flora electric orange gel
Black Stencil icing        (peanut butter consistency)