Turning cacti into gentlemen…..

I had a few cactus biscuits left over from a class, so I thought because Father’s Day is coming up I would turn them into gentlemen cacti with moustaches.  I absolutely love how they turned out.  Here is a quick tutorial on what I used and how I added the detail to these little guys.         Photo credit : Allegra from www.lifeinmotion.co.za

What you need
Tall cactus cookie cutter
Round cactus cookie cutter
Plain cactus cookie cutter
Little man cookie stencil (I pinched the moustache off this stencil)
Stick on eyes. HERE is a tutorial on ‘how to make stick on eyes’
Airbrush machine, optional
Chocolate Brown airbrush colour, optional
Stencil buddy
Shape block out
Block out strips
Stencil royal icing, any colour (consistency of peanut butter)
For the piping detail
PME size 1 nozzle for the thorns
PME size 2 nozzle for the flower
Green piping consistency icing for the cactus thorns
White piping consistency icing for the flower
Piping bag and coupler
Black edible marker for the eyebrows

I hope you have been inspired to try make these cute little guys.  Please visit our online shop as we stock most of the goodies needed for this tutorial.

Happy baking and biscuit making…

Ashleigh Temple

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