Supplies for biscuit icing

I often get asked what brands and tools I like to use when decorating biscuits.  As always it comes down to personal choice, but I am happy to show you what I use.

  • Cutters
    I prefer to use metal cutters and have a small growing range on my website.

  • Stencil tools
    Stencils – but of course I use The Biscuit Studio range of stencils, these have been designed to fit all the biscuit cutters available on my website.  There is also enough room around the design to secure it with magnets and still have room to scrap icing across the stencil, creating the perfect picture on your iced biscuit.
    Stencil buddy – Very handy magnetic frame that holds the stencils in place.  I use both the magnets & boards (as shown below) and the stencil buddy.

    Nozzles, couplers and piping bags

I use the PME & Ateco range of icing nozzles sizes 00, 1, & 2
PME 1 – I use for fine line detail (Ateco does not have a size this small)
Ateco 00 or PME 1.5  – for filling small areas & some fine detail
Ateco 1  or PME 2 – filling medium areas
Ateco 2 or PME 3 – filling large areas (PME 3)
Tipless piping bags 
I do use a few PME nozzles but I find them very overpriced, so I only use the PME size 00 & 1 for very fine details (The numbering is different to Ateco)
I use the disposable piping bags, extra small – I use any brand I can get but I do prefer the thicker icing bags (better quality) these ones I am able to wash and reuse.  Much better for the environment too.
I use the Ateco small couplers.


  • Scribe needle
  • Edible markers
    I use the foodoodler edible markers, these are great for marking sections off on your baked biscuit and then also on dried iced biscuits. I also use a non toxic (graphite) pencil, I find that the edible markers can bleed into the icing.
  • Non toxic pencil 
  • Paint brushes
    Soft paint brushes for dusting
    fine paint brushes for painting fine detail.

  • Colours
    Cake flora gel & airbrush colours
    I use the cake flora range of gel for colours for my icing & airbrush colours for my airbrush machine.
    Rolkem powered colour
    Colours – Rainbow Spectrum
    Lustre dusts –  Rolkem Supers
    Edible glitter – Rolkem Crystals

Airbrush Machine
PME airbrush machine with Cake Flora airbrush colours.

Dehydrator (to dry the icing on your biscuit)
Kambrook dehydrator available at clicks online. Follow my dehydrator tutorial here


I hope this helps to get you started on your biscuit icing journey.

Happy baking ….

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