PYO – How to make the icing disc’s!

PYO (Paint your own) cookies are a great way to do loads of biscuits for a party or function, they’re interactive and fun.  They are the perfect party favour or party activity.

I have been experimenting with the ‘paint palettes’ or’colour disc’s’  and have come to a couple of conclusions.

  1. If I pipe the icing transfers (colour disc’s) as a solid colour, ie Blue. I made sure that I added extra blue gel colour so that the colour would be more intense.  When I tried to paint on the biscuit, the colours were quite faint but they did work.   If you are new to icing and are wondering what an icing transfer is. I have made a video below to show you how to make icing transfers.
  2. I then tried to paint the dried icing disc’s with ‘raw’ gel colour. The painting colour (for the biscuit) improved dramatically, but I personally didn’t like the look of the disc, it was streaky and uneven.
  3.  I decided to make plain white icing transfers (icing disc’s) and then spray them with my airbrush machine once they had semi dried. The reason I like them to be semi dried is so that the air from the airbrush gun doesn’t make them fly all over the place.  The coloured disc’s look smooth and even, and the ‘paint’ on the biscuit is a beautiful vibrant colour.  I got the best results with this method.Here is a video showing you how to airbrush the white disc’s.


    4. Once your icing disc’s are dry, they’re ready to stick onto your PYO biscuit. Click HERE to see how the PYO biscuit works…. they’re super cute!

    Happy baking and biscuit making…


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