Preventing dips and craters in your icing

I’m not sure if you have ever experienced holes or sunken in sections in your dried icing. I know I have, and it’s extremely frustrating.  This image was sent to me by a client asking me what went wrong, so I thought it would be a great tip to share.

Craters seem to only happen in small iced areas.  For some reason bubbles form in these areas and once they start to dry the icing will collapse into the air bubble causing a ‘crater’

Over the years I have tried all sorts of things to prevent little dips and craters in my icing, there may be other ways out there but I thought I would share what has helped and worked for me.

1) I find that if my icing is slightly thicker, there is less chance of air bubbles being formed to begin with.
2) If the icing crusts over quickly (dries) there is less chance of it being able to dip or crater. Get your smaller iced areas into the dryer quickly.  I have even used a air dryer, just on those areas to get them to dry faster.
3) Wiggle your scribe needle around in the icing, this seems to pop the bubbles.

If I follow these rules I generally do not get any craters or dips. If you have any other ways to prevent craters, I would love to hear about them in the comment section below.

Happy Baking





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