Our super helpful colour chart

We have created a beautiful colour chart to help you mix up your royal icing colours.  Mixing colours comes naturally to me but I realise that not everyone can mix up colours as easily.  I often get asked what colours I used for certain royal icing projects. This colour chart obviously doesn’t include every colour under the sun but I have included some of the most popular colours used.  As a cookie decorator you also don’t need to stock 5 different shades of blue gels, you can get most shades of blue from one colour by adding others colours.  So don’t waste your money buying tons of different colours. We stock a small variety of colours in our online shop for this very reason.

The lockdown gave me the opportunity to work on projects I don’t often get the time to work on, so I am really pleased I have been able to tick this colour chart off my ‘to do list.’

These colour charts will be available to purchase in our online shop.