How to make tool cookies for Dad!

There are all sorts of Father’s Day themed biscuits that will suit the man or dad in your life, I have decided to start with the tool type of guy. In our family, my husband is not really the DIY type.  We’ll be making sports themed biscuits but I’ll get to those in another post.
I have created hammer, spanner & tape measure biscuits, you could add a saw, a drill and even a nail or screw biscuit.

What you’ll need
Hammer cookie cutter
Spanner cookie cutter
Ruler cookie cutter
Hexagon cookie cutter
Baked biscuits (for my recipe click HERE & help with baking biscuits click HERE)
Royal icing, flooding, piping and stencil consistency
Piping bag
Nozzles size PME 1.5 & 2
Gel colours – yellow, orange, black, bright white,
Scribe tool
Non Toxic pencil
Airbrush machine
Airbrush colours – Silver sheen & super black (now available in our online shop)
Tool background stencil
Tape measure stencil
Happy Father’s Day stencil
Magnets & Board
Stencil Buddy

Mix up your different icing colours.
I used electric yellow gel mixed with a tiny drop of electric orange gel, to lessen the brightness of the yellow.  For the grey, I simply add a tiny drop of black gel to get a grey colour.  I do add bright white gel to whiten my icing.

Airbrushing / stencil work
When spraying these cookies I used the super black & silver sheen airbrush colours. We now stock the PME airbrush machine in our online shop.   If you enjoy icing biscuits I would recommend getting one.
Make sure your stencil is flat against your dried iced biscuit.

Drying your royal icing
Always make sure you dry your icing correctly, either in a dehydrator or a fan oven. This helps the biscuit base to stay crisp.  There is a drying time difference between the dehydrator and fan oven.  The dehydrator dries the icing quicker, the fan oven can take from 6 – 12 hours to dry out the icing.  I have a tutorial on the South African brand I use and how to use it, click HERE. The icing must be totally dry on the biscuit before stenciling with royal icing or airbrushing. There is no need to dry them any further after you have stenciled your design.  Just package them in an airtight container or sealed bag ready to give to that special dad!

I have created a video tutorial on how to make these super cute tool cookies, take a look below.


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As always, happy baking and biscuit making



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