How to make a sitting bunny (Peter Rabbit)

How to make a sitting bunny (Peter Rabbit) using a Biscuit Studio step by step card.

I’ve been teaching how to ice biscuits (cookies) for a couple of years now.    I’ve learnt along the way that having a picture or guide for a specific biscuit really helps to get a better end result.  I’ve taken those guides a step further and have created a step by step card, that you can buy in our online shop.
Each card has what you’ll need to make the character biscuit, the nozzle tip sizes , the icing consistency and colour I used, on the reverse side it has clearly marked illustrations guiding you from start to finish. It’ll be like having me next to you every step of the way.
Here is an example of just one of the cards, this one is ‘sitting bunny’ or Peter Rabbit.

I am slowly growing the range of different step by step guides, I am hoping to have a guide for nearly every biscuit on the website.  This takes time, so I only have about 6-8 different cards at the moment, to see what else I have click HERE

Now that you know exactly what you need to make the ‘sitting bunny’ biscuit (cookie) Flip the card over and you’ll see each illustrated step with little icons and instructions.  These cards are A5 in size, I store mine in a A5 flip file, this keeps them safe and protects the card from getting icing and splashes on while I work.

The fan icon is when the biscuits have to go into the dryer or fan oven, to learn more about drying your icing visit my blog post ‘helpful tips when using a dehydrator’ 

I certainly hope these guides will help you with the next character biscuit you decide to make.

Have a very happy blessed Easter

From The Biscuit Studio Team

Ashleigh, Fortunate (my wonderful behind the scenes assistant) and Pepper (the labrador pup)




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