How to make a lamb cookie (using a bee hive cutter)

When I start thinking about a biscuit icing project, my inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, whether I am standing in a queue at my local shop or looking at wrapping paper to wrap a gift.
The inspiration for my lamb cookies / biscuits came from this card I found on Pinterest. Isn’t it just too cute?

I then didn’t know what cookie cutter I had to create this gorgeous little lamb.  I had a dig through all my cutters, eventually I spotted the bee hive cookie cutter and thought how perfect it would be to create a big fluffy lamb

What you’ll need to make your own lamb cookies
Baked bee hive cookies
Royal Icing
Disposable piping bags
Scribe needle
Non toxic pencil
Elastics (to tie the filled icing bags)
Gel colours
Fondant flower
Floral (Lamb) stencil
Magnets and board (to hold stencil in place)
Stencil consistency icing (See tutorial)

Step 1 & 2
Draw the lamb body & hooves with a non toxic pencil, as I have in the pictures below.








Step 3 
Flood the lamb’s body with ivory coloured icing & fill in the hooves with black coloured icing.  Place in the dryer (dehydrator or fan oven to dry)

Step 4 
Once the icing is dry enough, place the ‘Lamb floral stencil’ on top and scrape white stencil consistency icing across the ‘lambs wool’ to create a textured look. For a detailed tutorial on how to stencil an iced cookie follow the link

Step 5
Add the black face with wet on wet eyes, mine are a bit uneven, I was going for that look, I promise (:
as per the picture below. Pop in the dryer to crust over (semi dry)

Step 6 & 7

Add white icing for the hair and cover with white crush, to make it look fluffy and gorgeous.  Then add the black ears.
Pop in the dryer to crust over (semi dry)

Step 8
Add a line of green and some tear drop shaped leaves, stick a fondant flower on. Place in the dryer to complete the full drying time. Now your lamb is complete and ready to eat! Keep in an air tight container or sealed bag for a longer shelf life.

I must say they turned out really well, I just love the stenciled look.  When using a stencil on a large area, (a background stencil) have a wet paint brush on hand to wipe any little bits of icing that are falling off the edge of the biscuit (icing).

Happy Baking and biscuit making….









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