How to make Santa in the chimney cookie

This has been one of the most popular Christmas cookies this year.  Just follow the steps below and you too can hand out this gorgeous Christmas cookie to your friends and family this Festive Season.

Cutter used:

I used the Santa in the chimney cutter available HERE 

Icing Process:

To make these cookies, you will need the following suggested colours:

  • Red flood consistency royal icing (Cake Flora Super Red Gel colour)
  • Light brown flood consistency (Cake Flora Chocolate gel colour)
  • Black flooding (Cake Flora Super Black)
  • White flood consistency (Cake Flora Bright White)
  • Brown stencil consistency icing

1. Using the brown flood consistency icing, fill in the chimney part of the cookie. Like I have done in the picture below.

2. Let the brown icing dry 100% (1 hour in the dehydrator) Once your icing is dry, secure your brick stencil over the cookie, remember to always have the stencil flat against the dried icing.
I have been using the bricks background stencil with my airbrush machine only, I recently tried it with royal icing and I absolutely love the brick affect it gives on the chimney part of the cookie I have a tutorial on How to stencil a cookie.

The nice thing about this stencil icing for the bricks is that it doesn’t need to be perfect, as real life bricks are quiet rough in texture.




3. Add flood consistency red and black for his trousers and boots as I have done in the picture below.


5. Let the boots and trouser icing crust over (dry slightly) About 10 – 15 minutes in a dehydrator

6. Add flood consistency to the top of his boots and the ‘snow’ part of the chimney. While the white flood consistency icing is still wet, sprinkle some crush, click HERE for my crush tutorial.

7. Pop your cookie back in the dehydrator for about one hour. Dust off the excess crush once your icing is 100% dry.

When you buy the ‘Santa in the chimney cutter’ you’ll receive a FREE brick stencil.  Promotion runs while stock lasts.

Happy baking and biscuit making


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