How to make stick on eyes with royal icing

In this post I’ll be showing you how I make stick on eyes with royal icing.  Once you know how to make these eyes you can play around and make all sorts of different size eyes for any character biscuit.  I used these eyes for the dancing crabs in my ‘under the sea’ icing class, so they had to be small to medium.  If I am making 20 plus biscuits of the same character I generally will make the eyes before hand as they quick and easy to do. Once complete I glue them on the character biscuit with some RI. To make the cute crab below I used the butterfly cutter, I also have a crab step by step guide for him/her.

What you’ll need 
Baking paper
Printed eye size template
Metal baking tray
Flooding consistency white royal icing (RI)
Flooding consistency black royal icing (RI)
Cake Flora black and bright white gel colours
PME #1.5 nozzle
PME #1.5 nozzle
Coupler x 2
Disposable piping bags (that I reuse again & again)
Scribe needle
Dehydrator or fan oven

Print out the size circles (eye size) you are wanting, make rows and rows of them.  Cover your printed paper with baking paper and secure to the baking tray with magnets. As I have in the video below
Pipe and fill the circles with the white flooding RI, while the icing is still wet pipe the ‘pupil’ with the flooding black RI. Once you have filled the page, carefully take the magnets off and transfer the baking paper to the dehydrator.  If you don’t have a dehydrator and you use your oven to dry your icing, simply put the whole tray into the oven.
These eyes take about 30- 45 minutes in the dehydrator and 2 hours in the fan oven.
Peel them off the baking paper and store in an air tight container.

Watch the video below to see how easy they are to make.


Happy baking & biscuit making.


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