How to make cute biscuit bunnies for Easter

We have an exciting range of Easter cutters and stencils in stock in our online shop this year.  What I love most about the Easter bunnies that I am going to show you how to make is that they are not time consuming at all.  There are only two flooding icing colours and two stencil icing colours. That’s it, easy peasy! (optional: Piping pink)

What you’ll need
Baked big ear bunny & round bunny biscuits
Big ear bunny cutter
Round bunny cutter
# 201 Stencil, bunny face detail
# 202 Stencil, glasses
Block out stencils
Stencil buddy
Scraper (made from an ice cream lid)
Pink & white flooding consistency icing
Black & pink stencil consistency icing ( peanut butter consistency)
Piping bags
PME #2 Nozzles
Small coupler
Scribe needle

Follow these simple steps
1) Prepare your dough and bake the bunny biscuits.  Let them cool.
2)Prepare your icing, fill your icing bags. We now stock ACTIWHITE online.
3) Flood your bunny biscuits, use a scribe needle to evenly distribute the icing. Pipe pink into the ears (wet on wet) wiggle your scribe needle gently through the icing to create a ‘fluffy’ look in the ear.
4) Place your iced biscuits in a dehydrator for about 2 – 2.5 hours depending on the weather. Your icing must be 100% dry on your biscuit.
5) Mix up your stencil consistency royal icing, as you only need a small amount, mix in your gel colour before adding water as this will loosen the icing.  If it still looks too dry add a drop of water at a time to get a peanut butter consistency.  It’s very important to get the consistency correct when you stencil a biscuit.  If it’s too runny it will smudge and if it’s too thick it wont spread nicely across the stencil causing a thick undesirable design.
6) Place your shape blocker stencil in the stencil buddy, then place the bunny face (big or small) so that the design is sitting in the square or circle blocker stencil, place the same shape blocker on top and then secure with the stencil buddy.  See the video below.  The blocker stencil is there to make sure the design is sitting in the centre of the stencil buddy.  This is so the frame doesn’t interfere with the biscuit.
7) Place the design onto your dried iced biscuit, scrape the black icing across the face design, be careful not to go back and forth too many times, this will cause movement and you’ll end up with a smudged design.  Lift the stencil buddy off carefully. The biscuit DOES NOT need to go back into the dehydrator again. It’ll dry fairly quickly on it’s own.
8) Once the black face is dry, now stencil the pink nose, sprinkle with glitter. In the video below I have used a piping consistency pink with a size PME 2 nozzle.  Just to show you a different version.
9) Add some glasses if you would like using stencil #202. Using the same method as when you added the face.

Here are the two stencils I used #201 & #201.



Thank you for taking the time to read through this tutorial.

Happy baking & biscuit making



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