How to make a tool box for Dad


Not long now until Father’s Day.  So why not make this stunning biscuit tool box for Dad this year.  We have all the tool cutters available in our online shop and I have put together a template for the actual tool box.  Simply print the template, cut out the individual panels, lay them on top of the biscuit dough and cut around them.  I used a craft knife to cut out my tool box pieces.  A tip when using a template rather than a cookie cutter, roll out your dough and pop it in the fridge (or freezer) to get firm, then cut out the tool box, you’ll get smoother crisp outlines. (it’ll look like you used a cutter)

What you’ll need
Biscuit Dough (our recipe is available online)
Spanner cookie cutter
Hammer cookie cutter
Screwdriver cookie cutter
Pilers cookie cutter
Gift tag cookie cutter
Tool box template
Woodgrain stencil(for tool box sides)
Father’s Day stencils
Stencil buddy
Scraper (made from an ice cream lid)
Airbrush colours – Chocolate brown & silver sheen
Airbrush Machine

Black stencil consistency icing ( peanut butter consistency)
Piping bags
PME #2 Nozzles
Scribe needle
Dowel rod about 15-17cm long

Follow these simple steps
1) Prepare your dough and bake the tool box panels. Cut a dowel rod 15 -17cm, make a hole at the top of the ‘end’ panels x 2, so that the dowel rod can slide into the holes once the biscuit panels are baked and assembled. Once baked let them cool.
2)Use flooding consistency icing, flood all the side panels, not the bottom one. Work on a baking tray, as the panels can break when you lift them up (from the weight of the icing)  I dried mine in my oven with the fan on for about 12 hours.  The panels are too large to go into a dehydrator (the one I use) and the icing needs at least 12 – 24 hours to completely dry.
3) I have a tutorial on how to make the tools for the tool box, click HERE
4) Once your icing is dry, airbrush the woodgrain markings onto each of the panels using our woodgrain stencil.
5) Use a think piping consistency icing with a PME nozzle #2 or #3 and carefully ‘glue’ the tool box together using the thick icing. Push the dowel rod through the holes, for the handle of the tool box. Secure it with heavy objects, I used airbrush colour bottles to help it stand upright while drying.
6) Leave the tool box to dry for an hour, out in the open.
7) It’s now complete and ready to fill with your tools.  I airbrushed a gift tag  and then stenciled a saying onto it as you can see in the picture above.

Click the image above to print the template


Happy baking & biscuit making

Ashleigh Temple