Cookies being cut from dough

Grandma’s spicy bun & choc chip cookie recipe

I always remember my Grandma hard at work in the kitchen baking all sorts of Easter treats…. from fresh hot cross buns baking in the oven, to rolling out spicy bun cookies (as she called them) & then making us hot chocolate.
The smell of spicy bun cookies baking brings back these special memories. To celebrate Easter with you we have decided to share our family recipe so you can create your own delicious cookies and family memories.
We’ll be adding our ‘spicy bun & choc chip’ cookie recipe to every order placed online between 14th March – 9th April 2020.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only product orders placed between 14 March to 9 April 2020 will receive our ‘spicy bun & choc chip’ cookie recipe.
  • Our ‘spicy bun’ recipe is not for sale on its own and is NOT included in class bookings.
  • All our recipes are the intellectual property of The Biscuit Studio, distribution and/or if they are used for financial gain will result in prosecution.

cookie cutters with cookie dough on a wooden tableCookies being cut from doughCookie dough with an egg shaped cutter on top

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