How to make a tool box for Dad


Not long now until Father’s Day.  So why not make this stunning biscuit tool box for Dad this year.  We have all the tool cutters available in our online shop and I have put together a template for the actual tool box.  Simply print the template, cut out the individual panels, lay them on top of the biscuit dough and cut around them.  I used a craft knife to cut out my tool box pieces.  A tip when using a template rather than a cookie cutter, roll out your dough and pop it in the fridge (or freezer) to get firm, then cut out the tool box, you’ll get smoother crisp outlines. (it’ll look like you used a cutter)

What you’ll need
Biscuit Dough (our recipe is available online)
Spanner cookie cutter
Hammer cookie cutter
Screwdriver cookie cutter
Pilers cookie cutter
Gift tag cookie cutter
Tool box template
Woodgrain stencil(for tool box sides)
Father’s Day stencils
Stencil buddy
Scraper (made from an ice cream lid)
Airbrush colours – Chocolate brown & silver sheen
Airbrush Machine

Black stencil consistency icing ( peanut butter consistency)
Piping bags
PME #2 Nozzles
Scribe needle
Dowel rod about 15-17cm long

Follow these simple steps
1) Prepare your dough and bake the tool box panels. Cut a dowel rod 15 -17cm, make a hole at the top of the ‘end’ panels x 2, so that the dowel rod can slide into the holes once the biscuit panels are baked and assembled. Once baked let them cool.
2)Use flooding consistency icing, flood all the side panels, not the bottom one. Work on a baking tray, as the panels can break when you lift them up (from the weight of the icing)  I dried mine in my oven with the fan on for about 12 hours.  The panels are too large to go into a dehydrator (the one I use) and the icing needs at least 12 – 24 hours to completely dry.
3) I have a tutorial on how to make the tools for the tool box, click HERE
4) Once your icing is dry, airbrush the woodgrain markings onto each of the panels using our woodgrain stencil.
5) Use a think piping consistency icing with a PME nozzle #2 or #3 and carefully ‘glue’ the tool box together using the thick icing. Push the dowel rod through the holes, for the handle of the tool box. Secure it with heavy objects, I used airbrush colour bottles to help it stand upright while drying.
6) Leave the tool box to dry for an hour, out in the open.
7) It’s now complete and ready to fill with your tools.  I airbrushed a gift tag  and then stenciled a saying onto it as you can see in the picture above.

Click the image above to print the template


Happy baking & biscuit making

Ashleigh Temple


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Turning cacti into gentlemen…..

I had a few cactus biscuits left over from a class, so I thought because Father’s Day is coming up I would turn them into gentlemen cacti with moustaches.  I absolutely love how they turned out.  Here is a quick tutorial on what I used and how I added the detail to these little guys.         Photo credit : Allegra from

What you need
Tall cactus cookie cutter
Round cactus cookie cutter
Plain cactus cookie cutter
Little man cookie stencil (I pinched the moustache off this stencil)
Stick on eyes.  HERE is a tutorial on ‘how to make stick on eyes’
Airbrush machine, optional
Chocolate Brown airbrush colour, optional
Stencil buddy
Shape block out
Block out strips
Stencil royal icing, any colour (consistency of peanut butter)
For the piping detail
PME size 1 nozzle for the thorns
PME size 2 nozzle for the flower
Green piping consistency icing for the cactus thorns
White piping consistency icing for the flower
Piping bag and coupler
Black edible marker for the eyebrows

I hope you have been inspired to try make these cute little guys.  Please visit our online shop as we stock most of the goodies needed for this tutorial.

Happy baking and biscuit making…

Ashleigh Temple

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How to make cute biscuit bunnies for Easter

We have an exciting range of Easter cutters and stencils in stock in our online shop this year.  What I love most about the Easter bunnies that I am going to show you how to make is that they are not time consuming at all.  There are only two flooding icing colours and two stencil icing colours. That’s it, easy peasy! (optional: Piping pink)

What you’ll need
Baked big ear bunny & round bunny biscuits
Big ear bunny cutter
Round bunny cutter
# 201 Stencil, bunny face detail
# 202 Stencil, glasses
Block out stencils
Stencil buddy
Scraper (made from an ice cream lid)
Pink & white flooding consistency icing
Black & pink stencil consistency icing ( peanut butter consistency)
Piping bags
PME #2 Nozzles
Small coupler
Scribe needle

Follow these simple steps
1) Prepare your dough and bake the bunny biscuits.  Let them cool.
2)Prepare your icing, fill your icing bags. We now stock ACTIWHITE online.
3) Flood your bunny biscuits, use a scribe needle to evenly distribute the icing. Pipe pink into the ears (wet on wet) wiggle your scribe needle gently through the icing to create a ‘fluffy’ look in the ear.
4) Place your iced biscuits in a dehydrator for about 2 – 2.5 hours depending on the weather. Your icing must be 100% dry on your biscuit.
5) Mix up your stencil consistency royal icing, as you only need a small amount, mix in your gel colour before adding water as this will loosen the icing.  If it still looks too dry add a drop of water at a time to get a peanut butter consistency.  It’s very important to get the consistency correct when you stencil a biscuit.  If it’s too runny it will smudge and if it’s too thick it wont spread nicely across the stencil causing a thick undesirable design.
6) Place your shape blocker stencil in the stencil buddy, then place the bunny face (big or small) so that the design is sitting in the square or circle blocker stencil, place the same shape blocker on top and then secure with the stencil buddy.  See the video below.  The blocker stencil is there to make sure the design is sitting in the centre of the stencil buddy.  This is so the frame doesn’t interfere with the biscuit.
7) Place the design onto your dried iced biscuit, scrape the black icing across the face design, be careful not to go back and forth too many times, this will cause movement and you’ll end up with a smudged design.  Lift the stencil buddy off carefully. The biscuit DOES NOT need to go back into the dehydrator again. It’ll dry fairly quickly on it’s own.
8) Once the black face is dry, now stencil the pink nose, sprinkle with glitter. In the video below I have used a piping consistency pink with a size PME 2 nozzle.  Just to show you a different version.
9) Add some glasses if you would like using stencil #202. Using the same method as when you added the face.

Here are the two stencils I used #201 & #201.



Thank you for taking the time to read through this tutorial.

Happy baking & biscuit making



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PYO – How to make the icing disc’s!

PYO (Paint your own) cookies are a great way to do loads of biscuits for a party or function, they’re interactive and fun.  They are the perfect party favour or party activity.

I have been experimenting with the ‘paint palettes’ or’colour disc’s’  and have come to a couple of conclusions.

  1. If I pipe the icing transfers (colour disc’s) as a solid colour, ie Blue. I made sure that I added extra blue gel colour so that the colour would be more intense.  When I tried to paint on the biscuit, the colours were quite faint but they did work.   If you are new to icing and are wondering what an icing transfer is. I have made a video below to show you how to make icing transfers.
  2. I then tried to paint the dried icing disc’s with ‘raw’ gel colour. The painting colour (for the biscuit) improved dramatically, but I personally didn’t like the look of the disc, it was streaky and uneven.
  3.  I decided to make plain white icing transfers (icing disc’s) and then spray them with my airbrush machine once they had semi dried. The reason I like them to be semi dried is so that the air from the airbrush gun doesn’t make them fly all over the place.  The coloured disc’s look smooth and even, and the ‘paint’ on the biscuit is a beautiful vibrant colour.  I got the best results with this method.Here is a video showing you how to airbrush the white disc’s.


    4. Once your icing disc’s are dry, they’re ready to stick onto your PYO biscuit. Click HERE to see how the PYO biscuit works…. they’re super cute!

    Happy baking and biscuit making…


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How a PYO (Paint your own) cookie works!

PYO = Paint Your Own…. it means exactly that, you can paint your own cookies (biscuit) and then eat them afterwards.
The Biscuit Studio has created a few Christmas PYO cookie stencils but the range is growing, so fear not.  Here is a video showing you how the complete PYO biscuit works. Take a look at our range so far. HERE 
I have a tutorial that I am currently working on that shows you ‘How to make the little colour disc’s’ so that you too can make these at home for Christmas gifts, party favours and so much more….


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How to stencil wool texture onto mitten cookies!

I made these stunning mittens using the wool piping technique and while I was patiently icing the mittens, I thought to myself, there must be a quicker way to do this. And so the wool texture stencil was designed.

Here is a picture of the hand piped mittens and hat, as beautiful as they are, I don’t think I would be able to pipe a dozen of these for family and friends.


How to create a wool texture on your cookies.  It could be for a jumper, jersey, mittens, hat and so much more.

What you’ll need – all stencils and cutters are available in our online shop.
Mitten cutters 
Wool texture stencil
Stencil buddy
Pre iced biscuits
Stencil consistency icing – icing that is thick but not dry
Scraper – made from a yoghurt or ice cream lid
Flooding royal icing
Nozzle, piping bag and coupler
Scribe needle
Crush or sugar to sprinkle
soft paint brush

Here is a video showing how easy it is to do….


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How to make Santa in the chimney cookie

This has been one of the most popular Christmas cookies this year.  Just follow the steps below and you too can hand out this gorgeous Christmas cookie to your friends and family this Festive Season.

Cutter used:

I used the Santa in the chimney cutter available HERE 

Icing Process:

To make these cookies, you will need the following suggested colours:

  • Red flood consistency royal icing (Cake Flora Super Red Gel colour)
  • Light brown flood consistency (Cake Flora Chocolate gel colour)
  • Black flooding (Cake Flora Super Black)
  • White flood consistency (Cake Flora Bright White)
  • Brown stencil consistency icing

1. Using the brown flood consistency icing, fill in the chimney part of the cookie. Like I have done in the picture below.

2. Let the brown icing dry 100% (1 hour in the dehydrator) Once your icing is dry, secure your brick stencil over the cookie, remember to always have the stencil flat against the dried icing.
I have been using the bricks background stencil with my airbrush machine only, I recently tried it with royal icing and I absolutely love the brick affect it gives on the chimney part of the cookie I have a tutorial on How to stencil a cookie.

The nice thing about this stencil icing for the bricks is that it doesn’t need to be perfect, as real life bricks are quiet rough in texture.




3. Add flood consistency red and black for his trousers and boots as I have done in the picture below.


5. Let the boots and trouser icing crust over (dry slightly) About 10 – 15 minutes in a dehydrator

6. Add flood consistency to the top of his boots and the ‘snow’ part of the chimney. While the white flood consistency icing is still wet, sprinkle some crush, click HERE for my crush tutorial.

7. Pop your cookie back in the dehydrator for about one hour. Dust off the excess crush once your icing is 100% dry.

When you buy the ‘Santa in the chimney cutter’ you’ll receive a FREE brick stencil.  Promotion runs while stock lasts.

Happy baking and biscuit making


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How to ice a chalkboard with apple cookie

We have this new chalkboard with an apple cutter in our range, it’s perfect for teacher appreciation cookies.  I also thought it would make a great tutorial.

Cutter used:

The cutter I used in this tutorial is one of the newer ones in our range of cutters. Click here to purchase chalk board with an apple cutter.


Icing Process:

As we are coming to the end of the year, this is a great cookie to make for your children’s teachers, as teacher appreciation gifts.

To make these cookies, you will need the following suggested colours:

  • Red flood consistency royal icing (Cake Flora Super Red Gel colour)
  • Light brown flood consistency (A small amount of Cake Flora Chocolate gel colour)
  • Black flooding and piping consistency (Cake Flora Super Black)
  • White flood consistency (Cake Flora Bright White)
  • Green piping consistency (Cake Flora Electric Green)

1. Using a acetate template mark your biscuit using a non-toxic graphite pencil to draw the guideline.

2. Start by outlining and filling the chalkboard frame, leave icing to crust over.

3. Next outline and fill the apple shape, while this icing is still wet add the white and black dots to form the eyes (wet on wet technique). Let the apple crust over a little before moving onto the next step.

4. Outline and flood the chalkboard part of the cookie. Let the icing dry 100% (2 hours) before moving onto the next step.

5. Once the base is dry, you can now stencil any words you would like on the cookie. I have a tutorial on How to stencil a cookie.

I used the following stencils
Best Teacher
Thank you

6. Add your detail and the apple leaf.  I have a tutorial on How to pipe a leaf  with royal icing

Video Tutorial – The steps are condensed into a time lapsed video below.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

Happy baking and biscuit making


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How to stencil hanging stockings with the 3 step cookie stencil

Last year I made a cookie with Santa’s suit hanging out to air, it was a time consuming cookie to ice with all the small details.  So I thought I would make a stencil set that makes cookie decorating  so much easier (and quicker)

It’s a 3 step stencil that comes in a set. Click HERE if you would like to purchase this stencil set.

Stencil 1


This stencil is the hanging line and the little pegs.  There are a few options with this stencil.

Option 1 :Air brush this onto your cookie first with black or silver. (any colour)

Option 2 :Hide the pegs (with sellotape) and just do the line, then add the pegs later.

Option 3: Scrape royal icing across, very thinly.


Stencil 2


This is the first layer of the stockings, you could cover one or two with sellotape and make the base layer of the stocking different colours.

You can either airbrush this part or use royal icing, if you do use royal icing make sure that it’s really thin so that you can add the stenciled detail on top.




Stencil 3


For the detail stencil, choose a different colour royal icing, while the icing is still wet add some glitter or white sugar so that it sticks to the detail icing,  this will add some texture to your design.
If you didn’t use the hanging line, you can now pipe the line using a piping consistency icing and nozzle tip size 1.  I added some silver balls as the pegs, but you could pipe dots and paint them silver or gold.




Here is a video showing you the steps that I did to create this Christmas biscuit.  I use the plaque A cutter.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you.

Happy baking and biscuit making….


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Spiderweb cookie tutorial without an airbrush machine

This was the first time I used the spiderweb cutter, if you do not have one you can easily use a circle cutter to create the same affect but I do think the shape of the spiderweb completes the biscuit.
What you’ll need (if you click on the highlighted words you’ll go straight to the product in my shop)
Biscuit/cookie Dough (For recipe click HERE)
Spiderweb cookie cutter
Spiderweb cookie stencil
Scraper (Made from an ice cream lid)
Metal board
Stencil consistency icing
Gel colour (to colour the icing)
Flooding consistency icing
Nozzles, piping bags etc
Scribe needle

First outline and flood your biscuit

Using the wet on wet technique pipe black circles, starting from the centre working your way out.

Using your scribe needle, gently drag your needle through the wet icing to create a web look, you can see what I mean in the image below.

Now that you have created the base layer of your cookie/biscuit, let this dry 100% before you stencil onto it.

How to stencil a spider onto the web biscuit/cookie (NO AIRBRUSH MACHINE NEEDED)
Place the biscuit on the metal board between the magnets.
Place the stencil on the biscuit and the magnets, secure the stencil down with the other 4 magnets as per the image below.  Place a blob of orange stencil consistency icing (Thick to soft peak icing)

Using the scraper, scrape the icing across the design like I have done in the image below

Gently lift the stencil off the cookie, you’ll be left with a perfect spider.  These are great for Halloween or even a Spiderman party, change the orange spider to a red spider.

If you have an airbrush machine you could airbrush the spiderweb design from the same stencil.

Happy baking and biscuit making….

















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