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A super handy cookie ruler

I have been using one of these ‘Ark’ rulers for years now, it’s definitely a must have for any cookie decorating enthusiast.  It doesn’t just work as a ruler, it has a range of different sized circles.  Which you can trace to create any size wheel, for example a large and small circle for a […]

How does the online class work?

I am so excited about our new online live classes, and what I mean by ‘LIVE’ is that I’ll be teaching and interacting with you during the class. The classes are still in-person but at a distance.  Feel free to ask questions throughout the class. We have added a ‘Class Toolbox’ as an optional extra […]

Our super helpful colour chart

We have created a beautiful colour chart to help you mix up your royal icing colours.  Mixing colours comes naturally to me but I realise that not everyone can mix up colours as easily.  I often get asked what colours I used for certain royal icing projects. This colour chart obviously doesn’t include every colour […]

24 – 26 April Classes – Postponed

Due to the extension of the lockdown we will be postponing all our scheduled classes in Johannesburg from 24 – 26 April 2020, to either May, June or July.  We are double checking availability on venues, accommodation etc and will send out an email informing all attendees of the new dates. The themes of your booked […]

Ahoy! Pirate Themed Cookies

We often get asked what product we used to create a set of cookies. If you are planning a pirate themed birthday party, we have listed below  most of the products we used in our ‘Pirate Themed’ set of decorated cookies for your convenience.  We stock most of them in our shop, just click on […]

Chocolate Hedgehogs

I often get asked for the recipe for the little treat I put out for my ladies at the classes.  It’s super simple to make, hence the reason I always make it. CHOCOLATE HEDGEHOGS 2 x 200g packets Tennis biscuits, coarsely chopped 250g butter, chopped 1 1/4 cups caster sugar 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1 […]


We have made 101 different decisions over the last week, with very limited information at our fingertips.   We have found ourselves in unknown territory with each day being a learning curve, for both businesses and individuals.   Sadly we are unable to deliver your orders during the lockdown period, you will be able to […]

Why does my icing yellow when dry??

Let’s talk about butter bleeds. This is when your icing has dried on your biscuit and the icing turns yellow.  This is more visible with white icing. Why does this happen only sometimes.  It normally will happen when the biscuits are for a special occasion or for an order (and you have no time to […]

What you need to make a snowman face cookie

We have put together a list of what you need and a quick video on how to make this snowman face cookie (biscuit) so you can make it at home in the holidays.  Click on the items highlighted on the list and follow the link to the products that we stock to help you recreate […]

How to make a tool box for Dad

  Not long now until Father’s Day.  So why not make this stunning biscuit tool box for Dad this year.  We have all the tool cutters available in our online shop and I have put together a template for the actual tool box.  Simply print the template, cut out the individual panels, lay them on […]

Turning cacti into gentlemen…..

I had a few cactus biscuits left over from a class, so I thought because Father’s Day is coming up I would turn them into gentlemen cacti with moustaches.  I absolutely love how they turned out.  Here is a quick tutorial on what I used and how I added the detail to these little guys.  […]

Tips on using an airbrush machine for cookies

I absolutely love my airbrush machine. In this post I’ll try help you understand your airbrush machine a little more, with the do’s and don’ts that I have experienced. After you have spent hours icing your biscuits the last thing you need is to spray them with your airbrush gun and the pattern or design […]

How to make tool cookies for Dad!

There are all sorts of Father’s Day themed biscuits that will suit the man or dad in your life, I have decided to start with the tool type of guy. In our family, my husband is not really the DIY type.  We’ll be making sports themed biscuits but I’ll get to those in another post. […]

How to make cute biscuit bunnies for Easter

We have an exciting range of Easter cutters and stencils in stock in our online shop this year.  What I love most about the Easter bunnies that I am going to show you how to make is that they are not time consuming at all.  There are only two flooding icing colours and two stencil […]

PYO – How to make the icing disc’s!

PYO (Paint your own) cookies are a great way to do loads of biscuits for a party or function, they’re interactive and fun.  They are the perfect party favour or party activity. I have been experimenting with the ‘paint palettes’ or’colour disc’s’  and have come to a couple of conclusions. If I pipe the icing […]

How a PYO (Paint your own) cookie works!

PYO = Paint Your Own…. it means exactly that, you can paint your own cookies (biscuit) and then eat them afterwards. The Biscuit Studio has created a few Christmas PYO cookie stencils but the range is growing, so fear not.  Here is a video showing you how the complete PYO biscuit works. Take a look […]

How to stencil wool texture onto mitten cookies!

I made these stunning mittens using the wool piping technique and while I was patiently icing the mittens, I thought to myself, there must be a quicker way to do this. And so the wool texture stencil was designed. Here is a picture of the hand piped mittens and hat, as beautiful as they are, […]

How to make stick on eyes with royal icing

In this post I’ll be showing you how I make stick on eyes with royal icing.  Once you know how to make these eyes you can play around and make all sorts of different size eyes for any character biscuit.  I used these eyes for the dancing crabs in my ‘under the sea’ icing class, […]

Airbrushing – using block out stencil strips

There’s so much you can do with a few stencils, some royal icing and an airbrush machine.  Stencils add wonderful, easy detail to your iced biscuits. You would need a very steady hand to get the perfect stripes on a sailboat sail piping freehand. In the video below I show you how to block out […]

How to make royal icing in SA!!

When I first started making royal icing using an egg white substitute, I couldn’t find ‘meringue powder’ in South Africa (not easily) I had to import it from America.  Then I discovered actiwhite powder, which is the South African version of meringue powder.  It is slightly different to meringue powder, so I couldn’t use the […]

How to make ‘gingham’ cupcakes

I created these bright fun cupcakes as a cake sale treat for my child’s school, I hope that you are inspired to create the same or similar treats. Here’s what you’ll need Royal Icing Chocolate or vanilla cupcake biscuits (baked) Cupcake cookie cutter & speech bubble cookie cutter  Nozzles – sizes PME 1.5 & 2 […]

How to make a lamb cookie (using a bee hive cutter)

When I start thinking about a biscuit icing project, my inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, whether I am standing in a queue at my local shop or looking at wrapping paper to wrap a gift. The inspiration for my lamb cookies / biscuits came from this card I found on Pinterest. Isn’t it just […]

How to make a sitting bunny (Peter Rabbit)

How to make a sitting bunny (Peter Rabbit) using a Biscuit Studio step by step card. I’ve been teaching how to ice biscuits (cookies) for a couple of years now.    I’ve learnt along the way that having a picture or guide for a specific biscuit really helps to get a better end result.  I’ve […]

Preventing dips and craters in your icing

I’m not sure if you have ever experienced holes or sunken in sections in your dried icing. I know I have, and it’s extremely frustrating.  This image was sent to me by a client asking me what went wrong, so I thought it would be a great tip to share. Craters seem to only happen […]

How to stencil with royal icing

Once you learn the simple art of adding detail to your iced biscuit with a stencil, you’ll never look back.  It saves time and makes your overall result more uniform and neat.  I know I couldn’t get all the ‘Happy Easter’s’ hand piped on my biscuits to look exactly the same. This is why I […]

Getting the perfect biscuit base

Before you get started on icing your biscuits (cookies) you need to create the perfect biscuit base.  We bake at least 200 – 250 biscuits a week for classes. I thought I would share a few tips that I have learnt through my biscuit baking experiences.  I trained as a chef down in Durban many […]

DIY scraper for stencilling iced cookies

A scraper is a ‘must have’ tool when stencilling with royal icing so we thought we would show you how to make your own one. You can buy icing smoothers from baking shops but we have found that the plastic is too hard and not flexible enough to work effectively. We have made the scraper […]

Supplies for biscuit icing

I often get asked what brands and tools I like to use when decorating biscuits.  As always it comes down to personal choice, but I am happy to show you what I use. Cutters I prefer to use metal cutters and have a small growing range on my website. Stencil tools Stencils – but of […]

Helpful tips when using a dehydrator

Have you been having trouble drying your iced biscuits in a dehydrator?  I have had a few ladies who have been asking for help

How to make Santa in the chimney cookie

This has been one of the most popular Christmas cookies this year.  Just follow the steps below and you too can hand out this gorgeous Christmas cookie

How To Make the Perfect Red

I often get asked by ladies how do I get such a beautiful deep red royal icing so I thought that I would share some tips.

How to ice a chalkboard with apple cookie

We have this new chalkboard with an apple cutter in our range, it’s perfect for teacher appreciation cookies.  I also thought it would make a great tutorial. Cutter used: The cutter I used in this tutorial is one of the newer ones in our range of cutters. Click here to purchase chalk board with an apple […]

How to pipe a leaf with royal icing

Many people have asked how I pipe the leaf onto my apple cookies, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial. As usual it’s all down to the consistency of your icing to get the perfect leaf, you want the leaf to hold it’s shape so therefore the icing has to be thick (very […]

How to stencil hanging stockings with the 3 step cookie stencil

Last year I made a cookie with Santa’s suit hanging out to air, it was a time consuming cookie to ice with all the small details.  So I thought I would make a stencil set that makes cookie decorating  so much easier (and quicker) It’s a 3 step stencil that comes in a set. Click […]

How to stencil a ‘North Pole’ sign

As we heading towards the end of year I realise that before we know it Christmas will be upon us. I always seem to have these grand ideas of being super organised with cookie gifts for teachers, neighbours and friends.  This doesn’t always happen but I thought I would do few cookie icing posts heading […]

How to make an Emoji face iced cookie

My children have recently watched the Emoji movie , so I thought I would use my emoji stencil, which has been hanging on the shelf for a few weeks now and I haven’t made any cookies from it.  They were super quick to make and I think they look rather impressive. So this is how […]

Spiderweb cookie tutorial without an airbrush machine

This was the first time I used the spiderweb cutter, if you do not have one you can easily use a circle cutter to create the same affect but I do think the shape of the spiderweb completes the biscuit. What you’ll need (if you click on the highlighted words you’ll go straight to the […]

Gift tags – Cookie stencil with royal icing

I love the idea of an edible gift tag, birthday cards have become so expensive and they just get tossed in the recycling.  I would love to receive a gift and be able to eat the gift tag, especially a really yummy one.  I have created a few different cookie stencils that fit onto the […]

How to stencil a cookie

Stencilling a biscuit is really as easy as it looks.  I have been icing biscuits for years now and I fell in love with the idea of stencilling. Stencils create a perfect uniform look and save me so much time. ICED BISCUIT – You’ll need a 100% dried iced biscuit when stencilling with royal icing […]

Springtime Bee’s

It’s the 1st of September, spring is in the air, the days are getting warmer, flowers are blooming, bee’s are buzzing and I am making the cutest biscuits. I have put together a very simple tutorial of how I made my gorgeous bee biscuits. You’ll need Bee shape cutter (unfortunately this cutter is not in my […]

How to make ‘crush’

‘Crush’is a very versatile medium that I use on so many of my biscuits to add texture and it’s so easy to make. I use it on bunny tails, as snow, dirt the list goes one.  It’s made from royal icing and here’s how you make it. I use a medium consistency icing (the consistency […]

Tennis ball

In the spirit of Wimbledon, I have created a Tennis Ball biscuit

Leaf pattern

Take a look at this gorgeous new leaf stencil that is now in our stencil range.

Postage Stamp Stencil

This stencil can be used with either royal icing  as I have done in the video or you could spray it with your airbrush machine for a real stamp ‘look’

Happy Mother’s Day

This gorgeous Mother’s Day ‘Biscuit Studio’ stencil and others are available to buy at Foodpak as from tomorrow. The stencils are quick and easy to use, as you can see in this video.

Mr and Mrs Owl

As promised here is my ‘Married Owls’ video, it’s just Mrs. Owl at the moment. I got my inspiration for these owls from a gorgeous wedding card, I just had to create a biscuit of them. To learn more about the icing etc come join me at one of my biscuit icing classes.

Mr and Mrs

Mr. & Mrs Stencil. I used 2 stencils for this wedding biscuit. My stencils are a standard 130mm x 130mm, the extra room on the edges allows for them to be secured by magnets to avoid any sliding or shifting when airbrushing or using royal icing. The plastic is thick enough to not bend and be used multiple times. Magnets and metal boards are available for purchase too. Stencils are made from a food safe plastic.

Beer Mugs

I had a few beer mug biscuits left over from my class on Saturday, so I thought I would show you how to turn them into 30th Birthday beer mugs. I have all the ‘classic’ birthday number stencils 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 & 60
I used a sponging technique rather than airbrushing, so you don’t need a fancy airbrush machine.

Weber Braai

I thought I would share this gorgeous Weber braai biscuit video, previously I did beer mugs…. you can’t go wrong with beers & braai’s for the special DAD in your life. Enjoy!

Using the unicorn stencil

Here’s a quick video on how to use the unicorn stencil, available to buy online (this week, I hope) I still have a few spaces available at my Unicorn class this Saturday 01 July from 2.30pm – 5.30pm. Visit my website for further details.

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