Ahoy! Pirate Themed Cookies

We often get asked what product we used to create a set of cookies. If you are planning a pirate themed birthday party, we have listed below  most of the products we used in our ‘Pirate Themed’ set of decorated cookies for your convenience.  We stock most of them in our shop, just click on the item for more information about the product.

For the biscuits
Recipe Card 
Pirate face cutter
Pirate sword cutter
Pirate ship cutter
Pirate hat cutter
Rectangle cutter set (for map or PYO)
Happy birthday stencil / cutter set

For the stencil work
Stencil buddy
Creepy spider background stencil
Stripes stencil
Woodgrain stencil
PYO pirate ship or pirate stencil 

Tools needed
Cookie icing starter kit 
or Buy the tools individually
Non Toxic pencil
Scribe Needle
Fine non toxic black pen
Tipless piping bags
Small couplers
Ateco nozzle 00
Ateco Nozzle 1 

Gel colours for icing
Super Black
Super red
Chocolate brown
Bright white

Cake Flora airbrushing colours
Super red airbrush colour
Super black airbrush colour
Chocolate brown airbrush colour 

Flesh colour powder

We have blog posts on getting the perfect biscuit base, how to make royal icing, using an airbrush machine and so on.