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We have made 101 different decisions over the last week, with very limited information at our fingertips.   We have found ourselves in unknown territory with each day being a learning curve, for both businesses and individuals.   Sadly we are unable to deliver your orders during the lockdown period, you will be able to […]

Grandma’s spicy bun & choc chip cookie recipe

I always remember my Grandma hard at work in the kitchen baking all sorts of Easter treats…. from fresh hot cross buns baking in the oven, to rolling out spicy bun cookies (as she called them) & then making us hot chocolate. The smell of spicy bun cookies baking brings back these special memories. To […]

Why does my icing yellow when dry??

Let’s talk about butter bleeds. This is when your icing has dried on your biscuit and the icing turns yellow.  This is more visible with white icing. Why does this happen only sometimes.  It normally will happen when the biscuits are for a special occasion or for an order (and you have no time to […]

Client Testimonials

Marna Schoeman

Thank you so much for your excellent and prompt service!!! Loved my order and the biscuit recipe is the best ever!!!

Bronwen Harrison

Thank you so much for the prompt service and delivery of my cookie cutters and stencils! Just love them! Thank you as well for the magnet board... I've already tried it out and having so much fun!

Sarah Haynes-Smart

Thank you for my cutters! Love them! And thanks for the stencil prezzie 😀 so cute!

Janet Lotriet

Amazing products, and such quick service. Such a pleasure ordering from you.

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